All You Need is Love



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how to play

    Directional keys - Input directional input and character movement. A button(X) - decision. B button (Z) - no use. START button (Enter) - Start and pause. Please take the heart on the stage.

About this Game

Poor souls who are thirsty for love are lost in the streets. They can only go straight ahead because of their thirst for love. Manipulate them well and lead them to love and save them.



  • Arrow keys – Input direction, move characters
  • X key – decision
  • Enter key – Start and pause

In the case of a smartphone or tablet, the controller under the screen can be used to control it

  • Directional keys – Input directional input and character movement
  • A button –  decision
  • B button – no use
  • Start button – Start and pause

How to Play

  • Control your character with the arrow keys on your keyboard, the AWDS key or the on-screen directional keys.
  • Your character can only go straight forward, and once you start going, you can’t change direction until you hit a wall
  • Touch the heart somewhere in the stage to clear the stage!
  • Let’s save those poor souls.
  • There are 10 stages in total.


Music and sound effects were borrowed from these sites


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